Rent to Own

Non-Interest Housing Financing

Secured Investment

Attractive Rate of Return on Investment

Profit or Loss Sharing

Flexible Payment Schedule

Interest Free Home Ownership Financing

Rent to ownSolidarity Housing is a multipurpose co-operative that specializes in providing interest free home ownership financing through Diminishing Partnership (DP) arrangement. Solidarity Housing also provides its members with investment opportunities to earn decent dividends.

Housing is one of the basic needs of a person. It is the desire of every individual to secure shelter for his/her family.  However, decades after independence equal access to affordable housing remains a mirage to the vast majority of Nigerians. The challenges range from huge housing deficits estimated to be about 17 million units (National Bureau of Statistics); scarcity of housing financing; under-investment in low-income housing as well as unaffordability by over 70% of the Nigerian population categorized as poor and low-income group among other challenges. There is lack of effective demand for housing owing to the type of financing available with high interest rates and other inflexible conditions. Here comes the sustainable alternative to conventional methods. The opportunity to invest your savings in an Ethical and socially responsible project and or buy your own house without paying interest. We invite you to join us in this project.

Alternative Housing Financing

This model provides alternative to the conventional mortgage financing and also encourage financial inclusion.

The scheme has been tested and found as a viable alternative to conventional mortgage financing in Canada, UK, Malaysia etc.

Getting out of Existing Mortgage

The Housing Co-operative will help you to get out of Interest bearing mortgage by paying off your existing mortgage(s). In order to qualify, you will need shares equal to 10% of your outstanding mortgage(s) balance, invested in the Co-operative for at least six months.

  • Opportunity to invest savings in an ethical investment

  • Secured investment – Solidarity Housing retains the legal title of all housing units in its name until all of the required shares are accumulated by the home buyers.

  • Opportunity to invest on behalf of children now, so they will be in a position to buy their houses easily after they get married.

  • Opportunity to earn dividends based on end-of-quarter balances. Dividends to be declared once a year at the end of March.

  • Opportunity to get you out of your existing mortgage.

  • Opportunity to purchase a home without paying interest.