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Housing Deficit in Abuja

The FCT, burdened with increasing population and pressure on available resources, especially land, affordable houses have become a major problem to residents with those at the low income level grappling with exorbitant house rent.
The immediate past FCT minister, Bala Mohammed, in August 2014, said that the FCT accounts for 10% of 17m housing deficit in the country.
He said: “From statistics, the housing deficit in Nigeria is about 17m and 10 per cent of it is in the FCT. This, of course, is due to the peculiar demographic nature of the territory, resulting from the mass influx into the capital city.”
 To bridge this gap, the past  administration  embarked on a number of policies such as the Land Swap initiatives, affordable housing and mass housing schemes and  awarded contracts for the provision of infrastructure in 10 new districts, Jahi, Kagini, Maitama Extension, Wuye, Mbora, Guzape 1 and 2, Wasa and Katampe .
 But despite all these efforts, affordable houses continued to be elusive to most residents who are mostly public servants.

To cap it all, people live in slums in Abuja due mainly to the type of home ownership financing available with high interest rates and other inflexible conditions.

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Understanding the system of land measurements in Nigeria

Understanding the system of land measurements in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, land is measured in Hectares, Acres, Meters and Feet. These measurements are affected by factors which includes but not limited to, economic investment and development patterns, human and environmental factors which could lead to mass migration and artificial scarcity of lands suitable for development. Read more